Diving in Jaco Beach

diving1 Cocos and Malpelo, Eastern Pacific

From the guardian.co.uk

These two isolated islands are visited only by divers and members of the Costa Rican and Colombian coast guard. I have never heard of anyone going to Cocos and not seeing schools of hammerhead sharks, nocturnal feeding frenzies by white tip reef sharks and silky sharks. Both islands are marine reserves and have their own endemic land and marine species. The islands are stunningly beautiful, and their isolation gives them a degree of protection. Big schools of tuna and jacks come swooping in from the blue and there are more than two dozen endemic fish species on Cocos alone, including the weird looking red-lipped batfish. The only way to visit the islands is on a dedicated safari boat such as the Undersea Hunter. Dive details: Undersea Hunter – around £2,500 for a 13-day voyage visiting both islands.